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Workout of The Day #4

Workout of The Day 7/1/2014

Let’s get a full chest menu in today! Remember, if it’s too hard, take your time. Completing the exercise, no matter how long it takes, is what helps you get better and fitter.

Perform five 5 minute sets of the exercises below. Rest for 1 minute between sets.

  • 5 Diamond Push-Up
  • Clockwork Push-Up
  • 6 Three-Pronged Push-Up
  • 5 Dive Bombers

The Diamond Push-Up

Place your hands on the ground close to each other and form a diamond with your thumb and index finger. Then, raise your body into the push-up position and proceed to bend your elbows just like you would performing a regular push-up.

If you get tired, lower your knees to the floor and complete the exercise on your knees.

The Clockwork Push-Up

Start with a regular Pylometric Push-Up. However, when you explode off the floor, direct your body to land clockwise in the position next to you before attempting the next push-up. Continue until you’ve made one round around the ‘clock’!

The Three Pronged Push-Up

Start as you would in a normal push-up and bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the floor. As you descend, lift on leg up into the air. As you raise yourself back up, lower that leg back to the ground. Alternate between both legs throughout the set!

The Dive Bomber

Also known as the Hindu Push-Up, from the regular push-up position move your body backwards so that your rear is raised upwards and your hands are stretched out in front of you. Slowly move your body back into the push-up position in a smooth curve that brings your chest close to the floor before rising back up into the starting position.