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The Nak Sihat campaign is an initiative by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to strengthen its efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially physical activities to Malaysians.


  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of youths on the importance of physical activity
  • Encourage a positive attitude among youths towards physical activity
  • Build expertise and self-confidence
  • Encourage youths to turn physical activity into a daily routine


This campaign is formulated to attract youths using a fresh, exciting, innovative, interactive, lively and active approach.

Integrated Communications

This campaign uses mainstream and social media aimed at:

  • Grabbing the attention of Malaysians
  • Ensuring the best visibility and coverage
  • Sending continuous messages to the audience on practising a healthy lifestyle

About the Logo

The word ‘Nak’ in yellow is the starting point for success. The word ‘Sihat’ in white is a symbol of good health. The image of a jumping youth is symbolic of an active youth who feels great. The blue color is a symbol of unity for all youths. The word ‘Generasi’ in white symbolises the youth generation as the foundation in the country’s transformation agenda. The phrase 'Aktif Hebat' in yellow is significant achievement.